UPDATE: Due to the spread of Covid-19, Neverland Children's Centre will be CLOSED until April 30, 2020. Please check back for updates.

Group Daycare 2.5 - 5 Years

Group Daycare 2.5 - 5 Years

The Staff

All of our staff in this program are licensed Early Childhood Educators or Assistants and are very attentive to each of these children’s personal needs. They work closely with the parents to provide the kind of environment that supports each child individually.

Fun Learning Stations

This room is set up with fun learning stations for children to explore and play in small or large groups, or on their own. We provide age appropriate preschool curriculum and free-play activities so all of the children can succeed at their own pace, and in their own way.

Monthly Themes

We have monthly themes that sometimes include field trips in and around our community. In addition to our enrichment classroom, the children enjoy a lot of activities in the gym and outside on our very own ECE playground.

Specialty Programs

We also offer specialty programming to further enrich our preschool themes. Currently, we are offering a Language Arts Program with Miss Catherine, Ph.D., and music with Sheryl Hung. Cheryl also offers weekly group Early Learning classes, along with private lessons which are available to all children registered at Neverland.

arrow left downNeverland Educators

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Kiana Mills
Music Teacher

Kiana Mills has an extensive performance and vocal background. She graduated with distinction from Vancouver Acting School for on-camera acting and audition.

Ana Cassidy
Owner, Director & Educator

Ana is passionate about her philosophies and approaches to childcare and proud to be implementing her self-created Guiding & Caring Staff Training Program called THE POWER OF LANGUAGE!

Miss Catherine
Language Arts Teacher

Miss Catherine has a diverse background with degrees in Actuarial Science, Business Administration, Art education and Education!

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