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Program Galleries

  • School Aged Free Play 1
    School-Aged Program: Free Play

      In the classroom or on the playground, our School Aged Program is a great place to socialize or relax before or after school. Whether hanging with friends around a table playing board or self-created games, to dabbling in free art, or participating in our Culinary Arts or Creative Arts Programs, there are always many […]

  • School Aged Field Trip 1
    School-Aged Program: Field Trips

      Outings in our School Aged Program take place daily through Spring & Summer Breaks. From enjoying the outdoors at the many beaches and parks across Greater Vancouver, to berry picking and visiting petting zoos, thrill seeking at X-treme Trampoline parks, to go-cart racing and laser tag. For the more mellow, we also enjoy bowling […]

  • School Aged Arts & Crafts 14
    School-Aged Program: Arts & Crafts

      With such a wide range of interests and abilities in our School Aged Program, Arts & Crafts provide the perfect opportunity to bring these children together by encouraging MENTORSHIP. When children of varying ages share common space, they form a natural hierarchy and seek out help from each other. Smorgasboard and Process Art are […]

  • School Aged Outdoors 11
    School-Aged Program: Gym & Outside Play

      Our School Aged children love to burn off energy after school and we are happy to provide them lots of space to do just this. Whether shooting hoops or practicing some dance or yoga moves in our full sized gym, to playing a game of soccer or basketball on our outdoor courts, to enjoying […]

  • Culinary Arts 7
    School-Aged Program: Culinary Arts

      At Neverland we believe you’re never too young to enjoy putting together healthy and delicious snacks with creatively fun presentations and food combinations. As part of our Culinary Arts Program, we enjoy learning about Health & Nutrition as we explore healthy food choices within our food groups. It’s also a great way to incorporate […]

  • School Aged Creative Arts 1
    School Aged Program: Creative Arts

      Our School Aged Creative Arts Program offers children ages 5 to 12 the opportunity for exposure to many disciplines of the Creative Arts – from music to dance, visual to performing and exploratory arts – it’s a safe and supportive place for children to discover areas of interest through free expression, group creative play, […]

  • GroupDaycare Free Play 16
    Group Daycare: Free Play

      From building forts, castles and elaborate train tracks from the ground up, to reaching to the sky with lego towers and uniquely hanging crafts, to playing with puppets, costumes, and other creative props – this room is full of learning stations, supplies, and unlimited ideas for children to explore on their own and with […]

  • Three Little Pigs Set
    Group Daycare: Creative Arts

      These young children love to explore through imaginary play, music & movement, dress-up, prop-making, and performances. Throughout the school year, we love to expand our themes by exploring them in depth using various creative arts disciplines.    

  • Preschool Music 6
    Music Program

      We are happy to offer our very own Early Learning Music Program with Miss Cheryl, who combines her love for music with her passion for Early Childhood Education. Cheryl explores the deep connection between music and movement and complements her music-making with her work as an active dancer and ballet teacher. She is also […]

  • Language Arts 21
    Language Arts Program

    The Language Arts program that I teach at Neverland is based on Visual Literacy. I use the children’s interests as a starting point as we explore principles of art. This helps to build a solid foundation for all types of literacy, including reading and writing. Throughout the program, I also introduce students to letters and […]

  • Sand Table Play 1
    Group Daycare: Learning Stations

      From setting up a post office, restaurant or hair salon in our Imaginary Play Area to building with bricks, blocks and other manipulatives in our Constructive Play area, to strengthening dexterity at our Fine Motor Table to enjoying some Tactile Play at our Sensory Motor Table and Arts & Crafts Stations, we consider each […]

  • Field Trip 1
    Group Daycare: Field Trips

      From annual trips to places like the pumpkin patch in the fall and the beaches and parks during spring and summer breaks to exciting new adventures that come up during the year, our children have so much fun on all our group outings.    

  • Preschool Arts & Crafts 3
    Group Daycare: Arts and Crafts

      Process Art is what we like to offer to our children here at Neverland. This includes focusing on tactile play & exploration including various textures, colours, shapes and styles. Though we do participate in group crafts, for the most part, our children are always encouraged to interpret and create based on their own ideas […]

  • Circle Time Props
    Group Daycare: Themes

      Our extended preschool program runs year round which includes monthly themes, engaging our children in a variety of lessons and activities. Drawing upon the Multiple Intelligences, lessons in core subjects include science, math, arts & crafts, which are explored daily. Specialty Programs are also offered weekly in Language Arts & Music and are taught […]

  • Group Daycare Outdoors 29
    Group Daycare: Gym & Outside Play

      Fresh air and exercise are popular daily activities that take place here at Neverland. Our children love to free play on our dedicated Group Daycare Playground. We also all love to participate in fun and exciting games that are lead by our energetic staff either outside or in the gym.    

  • Cirlce Time 1
    Group Daycare: Circle Time

      Circle Time is an opportunity for more learning and socializing and is included as part of our daily Preschool Program here at Neverland. Our Circles are very interactive, encouraging participation from our children and all of our ECE staff. Here we explore ideas that relate to our monthly preschool themes and use various props […]

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